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We design the best lanes for you to haul loads, whether you want to be home every night or once every two weeks. We plan your entire week around your preferences and discover the load options for the region or area that pays you the most, or whatever you choose for the area you want to drive in. Similarly, we handle all of your paperwork, allowing you to focus solely on the road. We offer expertise in heavy, medium, and light duty trucks (semi-trucks, box trucks, hotshots, power only). We offer 24-hour dispatching services with one personal dispatcher assigned to a single truck or carrier.

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Tell us how you want to transport. Tell us how much money you want to make, how far you want to commute, and where you'd like to haul. If you only need to haul natively or interstate, we will find you loads that meet your requirements. As your solely devoted dispatcher, we will sift through large numbers of high-paying loads and offer you what best meets your needs. We like to schedule our drivers with at least two loads in front of them. We offer loads that pay via factoring, quick pay, or however you prefer. If the truck aren't going to flow, the money isn't converting! So keep moving forward!

Building strong relationships with our client is, in our opinion, the secret to success. When we appoint a dedicated personal dispatcher to you, our priority is developing a personal rapport that will assist secure a highly fruitful partnership based on reliability, effectiveness, and devotion. We'll become familiar with your routes, as well as your preferred return time and availability. We all want a win-win outcome, and we want you to feel the same way.

After you deliver the cargo, you can email or fax us all of your paperwork (BOL, POD, and Factoring Information or Quick Pay), and we'll send it all to the broker or shipper on your behalf, saving you the trouble and time. Additionally, we'll check in to make sure you get paid as per the LOAD agreement PROMPTLY. It's not a problem if you wish to manage your own documentation and billing. We are available to help and take care of your requirements and wants as you please.

One issue that truckers deal with is money because shippers or brokers only pay the transportation costs 30 to 60 days after the cargoes are delivered. However, factoring is a business that aids truckers in obtaining funds before to that date. Our hardworking employees ensure that truckers receive their funds on schedule and take care of the paperwork and factoring company regulations so that they just have to concentrate about how to spend their hard-earned money.

It requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the driver to organise and keep track of all the documentation associated with customs, which is not just a small amount of paperwork. Rehman INC. has a crew specifically responsible for customs clearance, who closely monitors the documentation and ensures that trucks are authorised to cross borders.


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