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About Us

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Rehman Enterprises INC is on a mission to help the Carriers & Cab/limo companies by delivering the resources they need to have a successful, safe, and low-cost business. For over a decade, Rehman INC has led the dispatching industry by providing the best service through timely and valuable information to professionals in the transportation industry. We area a US based company and have been operating here since 2007. We sincerely hope that you will avail this opportunity and take this journey with us. Rehman Inc. is a leading Truck & Cab/limo dispatcher in the USA. We are proud to have a veteran team of agents who are available 24/7 and are consummate experts at all the major dispatching software like iCabbi, Autocab, Cab Treasure, Cordic etc. for Cab/limo dispatch and advanced load-boards for Truck dispatch like DAT Power, 123 Load-Board, Truckeredge etc. Our goal is to make your lives easier and less stressful. We don't make clients; we make partners, and your success is our success. Utilize our dispatch and booking services to increase your earning potential.

RehmanINC is a professional dispatching service company that speaks directly to drivers, providing a hassle-free way for carriers to book loads within US “By providing you with US-based, highly knowledgeable dispatchers who are certified and trained by our company, we offer a complete dispatch solution that saves your office costs. Our plan starts at 6% of your weekly gross or a flat fee of $300, with no contract and the option to cancel at any time”

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